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REScheckTM Building Energy Codes Program
Common Questions and Answers
Q:  What is REScheck?
A:  REScheck is a method of calculating weather a residential structure (Detached 1 or 2 family structures, 3 stories or less) meets the energy compliance guidelines being enforced by your building department.   The program is produced and maintained by the U.S. Department of Energy and is widely accepted and many times required for use by a majority of building departments across the US.
Q:  Do I really need a REScheck Report?
A:  The best way to find out if the REScheck report is required as part of your construction planning process is to ask your local building department.  Many building departments require REScheck as the only acceptable means of proving energy compliance while others accept this as one of several options for compliance.  Ask your local building department what they will require for your project.
Q:  Can I Do This Report Myself?
A:  The truth is, yes, you can do this yourself.  The software that calculates heat loss for your home is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy and much of the data needed will be on your initial building plans.  You must, however, have a solid understanding of construction methods and terminology in order to properly “build” the structure within the software.  Misrepresentation of building components or a misunderstanding of the software can lead to a report that will either be rejected by your building department or even worse, give false information about your build. 
Q:  How Does REScheck Work?
A:  REScheck calculates the potential energy loss of a home by comparing heat creating devices such as a furnace to heat loosing components such as walls, windows and doors.  Your building is then compared to a fictional building that conforms to code requirements and a percentage either above or below the standard requirements and declares your building either compliant or non-compliant
Q:  What If My Home Does Not Comply?
A:  If your design does not meet the current guidelines, then you will need to make adjustments to your plans before a permit will be issued.
Q:  What If I Need Help
A:  If this all sounds a little difficult to understand and even more difficult to do yourself, we are here to help.  Just fill out the 60 Cubits REScheck request form, compile the needed information and send it over.  Your completed report will be sent back and you will be on your way.  If by chance your current design does not comply with current regulations, we will provide you with a list of ideas to help meet the minimum criteria.  We can may times estimates how much these changes to your plan will increase your homes ability to slow heat loss.  The selected changes can then be incorporated into your design before you submit your plans for approval.
Q:  Can I Make Changes To My Home Once I Have Started Construction?
A:  If you decide to make changes to your design after the plans have been approved, you will have to submit a revised REScheck plan.  In this case, ask your building department what they require of you before making any decisions.  We can revise your current REScheck report for a minimal fee. 


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