Pick My Brain

For years I've had people ask me if they could "pick my brain" about an issue they were having or a remodel project they wanted to start.  I've always tried my best to help when I could, but have to ultimately focus on keeping the bills paid first and giving out free time to a distant second.  This conundrum of wanting to help but being too busy has been difficult, until now. . .

Here are 5 ways I can help you now . . . 
  1. Search my blogs:  I get a lot of repeat questions and these many time lead to blog posts.  You can learn a lot more from the photos and detailed content in these posts and can even comment so that I can follow up on your particular issues.  To start looking now, CLICK HERE
  2. Subscribe to my posts:  I generally post 2 times a week, so new relevant information is constantly going out.  Stay on top by subscribing by using the link from my BLOG SITE.
  3. Purchase one of my products:  I've crafted several planning and managing products that will help walk you through your project step by step.  They are affordable and packed with so many answers that you might be sorry you asked.  To see what I have to Offer GO TO MY STORE
  4. Hire me as a consultant:  I still get involved personally, so if you are in the Denver Metro area, and are in need of some professional help, consider hiring me either short term or to manage your project.  Use the form on my website to CONTACT ME
  5. Email Me:  If you you have a great question or a unique situation that I have not addressed in my blog and that is worth answering for everyone then let me know what it is.  I'll consider creating a post that answers your questions so that we can all learn together.  CLICK HERE to contact me.