Friday, December 5, 2014

Planning for a Drywall Job

Recently, I seem to be doing quite a bit of drywall work.  Both the hands on work and the subcontracted work gets you more familiar with a product every time you do a project.  My problem has always been getting exact materials lists for drywall.  I'm pretty good at estimating the drywall itself by simply figuring the square footage needed and adding 10% for waste, but the mud and tape always throw me for a loop.

Enter USG Sheetrocks online estimator.

USGs online drywall material calculator
LINK to USG calculator website

The tool is super easy to use.  Just enter your square footage (yes you do have to measure and add) and then select the size of drywall sheet you would like to work with.  The tape, mud and screws are all calculated for you.  They even give you different options so that you can match up what is available at your local store.

The thing to remember whenever doing a job that entails covering a surface with a finished product is that you will use more or less material depending on how cut up the work area is and how good you are at doing that particular work.  You can make the choice to have lots of joints but use fewer sheets of drywall or to have minimal joints but use up more full sheets and have more waste when you are done.  If you are unsure about how much of a material you will actually use, then consider getting it from one of the big box hardware stores.  They will let you return anything, as long as  you don't damage it while it goes on vacation to your house.

Do you have a handy tool we should know about?  Let us know about it and I may highlight it in an upcoming post.

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