Thursday, December 18, 2014

How Long Does it Take to Finish A Basement

The two most common questions I receive on any construction project are about he cost of the job and how long it will take.  These are pretty hard questions to answer since there are hundreds of variables in any construction project.  But in an attempt to answer how long it takes to finish a basement, I've construction a sample schedule for a mythical finish of a 800 square foot basement.

Yellow Items are done by the owner or general contractor
BLUE items are done by contractors or suppliers
RED items are done by the city or county inspector
GREEN items are done by subcontractors or suppliers

Remember that construction projects are very fluid.  Things will always be different in the field than on paper so time frames will be constantly changing, but a good supervisor will keep things as close to or ahead of the planned schedule as possible.  Remember also that you must be in constant contact with every sub contractor and supplier in order to have deliveries and job starts when you want them.

Click on the picture below and use the arrows to navigate to January 2015 to see the schedule.

Basement Finish Schedule
For more help with finishing your own basement, visit my store.  I have several products crafted to help home owners and contractors bid, contract, and schedule projects of this sort.


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