Monday, October 27, 2014

A Great Way to Photo Document Jobs

Over the past years, I have leaned heavily on Google's Blogger platform for documenting my jobs.  This started by just looking for a free way to have a web presence and turned into a much more valuable set of tools than I first imagined.

Probably the most valuable tool I've come across in Blogger is its ability to easily add photos to a blog posting.  By making individual blog posts each day, I can keep that days photos and a few notes that are automatically time stamped and immediately posted where home owners and contractors can see them.  If a concern arises or if someone wants an update on the project, I need only to direct them to my blog.  If someone wants to be updated whenever I add photos, they need only to sign up using their email address to receive an automatic email update whenever I post new photos.

It only takes few simple steps to set up a blogger page and to start collected your job photos.
There are many detailed blog posts already out there in regards to this process so I am not going to go into detail in this post.  If you need more information, just do a google search for the topic you are having trouble with.

1.  Get a Google Account
If you don't already have one, sign up for a free Google account.  Just go to and click on "Mail" in the upper right corner of the screen.  Go through the prompts and create your gmail account.  This account will be used to access your Blogger account as well as many other tools.  Click this link to create your Google account

2.  Create Your Blog
Go to   Make sure you are currently signed into your gmail account so that you will be automatically signed into Blogger.  You will be presented with a welcome screen and the option to "Create a New Blog".  Start your new blog and follow all the prompts.
Click this link to learn how to create your first Blog

3.  Get the Blogger App
Once you have your basic page set up, go to your smart phone and download the Blogger App.  This app allows you to create a new post with just a few clicks.  you can take photos within the app and upload directly to your page.  The created blog post will be very basic in nature but will contain all the photos and notes you added in your phone app.  You can access the  blog from your computer in order to clean it up or add additional content.

Here is a link to my work blog.
As you can see, I also add videos through YouTube and detailed notes to the blogs.

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