Friday, October 19, 2012

Cooling Problems - Part 2

How To Clean Your Air Conditioner A-Coil

The last post dealt with the cleaning of the exterior components of your air conditioner system.  After cleaning your condenser coils, it's worth checking the condition of the A-coil.  the A-coil is the pair of coils inside your air handler that actually cool the air in your house.  They are called the "A-coil" because of the way they lean against each other forming and "A" shape.  the air is pulled through these coils and cooled before being pumped through your home or apartment.
Problems arise when the coils get dirty and cannot breath.  Because the moving air is not drawing the cool temperature off of the coils properly, they will over cool and freeze.  the result is a block of ice in the air handler and no cool air coming out.
You must first turn off the system and allow the coil to defrost.  This can take a full day in the right environment so be patient.  Just make sure that the drain pan is functional so that all of the water from the ice melting has somewhere to go.  Once thawed out, follow these steps.
  1. Disconnect any venting or drain lines in front of the A-Coil housing.  Move them aside  to you have access to the full panel cover.
  2. Remove the cover.  This is drastically different on different models.  It may entail just screws and a cover panel, or sometimes means cutting tape and removing sheet metal paneling.  What is always the same is the location.  The A-coil always sits just above the squirrel cage fan of the air handler.
  3. Remove dust and lint by vacuuming with a brush attachment or using a fine comb or brush to remove larger debris.  This will rarely be a bad as the coils on the condenser outside, but they can be bad if they are run without a filter (as many times happens with renters)
  4. Spray the coil with the cleaner (follow the directions on the can!) and rinse using a pump sprayer or spray bottle of clean water.
  5. Replace the cover and seal any open joints with aluminum tape.
  6. Turn the system on and see how it works.
Here is the Link to the Full Walkthrough

This photo walk-through was provided by my friend Isaac Smith over at Colorado Elite Building Services.


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