Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Color Should I Paint My House?

Painting you house can be a great way to add appeal before selling or to bring new life into a home you have lived in for several years.  Deciding on colors, however, can be troublesome for many of us.  Because a major project like this is no small investment, it is important to have a plan to ensure the outcome you want.
Begin by spending some time driving around your neighborhood or other neighborhoods you like.  Look for houses with a similar style or just those with colors you like.  Take lots of pictures and make notes of things you like.  Do you lean towards earth tones or bright colors?  Do you like a dark house with light trim, or a light house with dark trim?  Do you like a typical 3 color pallet or does the idea of 5 or more colors appeal to you?  (Remember in design, always think in odd numbers)
Also make sure to consult your Home Owners Association or other governing body in your area.  See if they have a standard pallet to choose from or if they allow you to submit your own colors.
Many paint stores like Sherwin Williams, and Home Depot offer pamphlets on color designs and have samples of color pallets to choose from.  Guiry's even offers in store designers to help with these decisions.  Pick a few color combinations and then get some samples.  Most all paint stores offer small quantity samples for only a few dollars a bottle.  This will allow you to do a "mock up" of a area of your house.  Paint part of the door, the door frame and the surrounding walls, then stand back to see if you like the colors in real life.
Below is a house that was changed from a plain white to an over the top 60's gingerbread motif.
Notice that we made a drawing of the house to make notes on.  We took this drawing as well as several "before" pictures to the design center at our paint supplier and had their in store designer help us pick out the colors.  To tell you the truth, we were a little worried about this color selection but we had faith in our designer and followed it through.  The result was the most attractive house on the block.

Give yourself a little time and get a little help and your house can start turning heads too.

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